Behind the Scenes of Auntie Anne’s Social Content Strategy

You might be wondering how an iconic pretzel brand that’s been around for 26 years continues to go viral over and over again. Well, one thing we know to be true is that everyone loves hot, handmade, pretzels. But that’s not the only reason why. Auntie Anne’s has become a brand on social that takes (calculated) risks when it comes to content.

The brand’s content strategy is simple: make pretzels part of the conversation.

Since 2021, Auntie Anne’s has evolved its content strategy from exclusively posting crave-worthy pretzel pictures to horoscope posts, delicately crafted memes and everything in between. This evolution did not happen overnight. Let’s talk about how we did it.

First, Instagram is not all about pretty pictures

We started to see across the industry that the “aesthetically” pleasing feeds were becoming predictable and less interesting. Yes, following brand guidelines is extremely important, but we identified that our brand had an opportunity to post more than our products … because that tactic gets tired. So, we decided to personify our brand and explore other types of content including more graphics and (brand-safe) memes.

And then this post was born.

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