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Awards Season 2024 Is A Celebration Of Female Friendship & Solidarity In Hollywood

This week rang in the start of the 2024 awards season, kicking off with the Golden Globes and Governors Awards, and so far it hasn’t let us down.

Every awards season promises to bring some sparkle to an otherwise dark winter ahead. As we critique the red carpet looks from our sofas – still being in your pyjamas as you watch the arrivals doesn’t invalidate your opinion FYI – what have we been most excited about seeing? Well, this year it hasn’t just been about the outfits, although the Golden Globes ‘fits slapped. It wasn’t even the award-winners themselves that had the GLAMOUR office reeling. No, this year it’s all about the female BFFs making award ceremonies GNO (girls’ nights out, for the uninitiated).

Now don’t get us wrong, we still love a red carpet romance and we’ve enjoyed seeing couples lock eyes over a glass of champagne or two. In fact, following the Golden Globes which saw Kylie Jenner slipping in, post-red carpet, to support boyfriend Timothée Chalamet in his nomination for Wonka, we can all agree we ship the pair. And yes, we’ve watched every lip reader on TikTok and still don’t know what they were intimately conversing about. But the fact remains, while getting a peek into the A-listers’ date night is fun, seeing their female friendships is better.

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We’ve revelled in seeing women in Hollywood unite this week. Despite some poorly-received misogynistic jokes about Barbie and Taylor Swift (shout out to Taylor’s side-eye) from host Jo Koy, the women in attendance of the Golden Globes showed they were there to support one another.

One of our favourite moments was, of course, Selena Gomez caught spilling the tea in an ad break. The cameras were rolling on Gomez who ran to her table where her BFFs Swift and Keleigh Sperry sat, to whisper something, we deduce was salacious, to them. Whatever Gomez shared parlayed a shocked reaction from her friends, and got the internet speculating. Man, we wish we’d been sitting at that table. Our invitation must have been lost in the post.

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