Amazon launches product safety page in Europe

Amazon has created a new page on its European marketplaces, offering customers direct access to recalls and product safety alerts. It aims to help customers shop with confidence.

The so-called ‘Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts’ page has been launched for customers in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. In many of these markets, Amazon is an ecommerce market leader.

Communications in one place

The new page, introduced in the United States last year, provides a personalized overview of product recalls and safety information for items customers purchased on Amazon’s store. “While we always proactively notify customers about product recalls and safety alerts, customers now have a dedicated location to view these communications in one place”, Amazon explains.

‘Customers now have a dedicated location.’

The accessible recalls and alerts page is an expansion of Amazon’s commitment to a safe and trustworthy shopping experience, according to the American online marketplace giant.

Personalized emails

If a recall is announced or a product safety alert is issued, Amazon customers will receive a personalized email with details about the recall, including a link to their personal ‘Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts’ page for more details about potential safety hazards, as well as to the recall notice for options such as a refund, return, or repair.

Previously, customers were forced to rely on third-party websites to learn about a product recall and required to submit personal information to receive instructions on what to do with a recalled product, Amazon states. “With this new feature, we are able to directly reach 100 percent of customers who have bought a recalled product in our store and provide clear instructions on what to do next.”

‘We are able to directly reach 100% of customers.’

The new page emphasizes Amazon Europe‘s dedication to ensuring customers can shop with confidence of: “knowing we stand behind all products in our store and will make it right in the rare event a product does not meet expectations.”

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