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SAKSHAM, the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Udaipur, is set to host its flagship event, Prarambh, on January 13, 2024, marking a significant milestone in fostering entrepreneurial spirit among students and the wider community.

Prarambh is an open platform for all aspiring entrepreneurs, welcoming participants with prototypes or actual start-ups, irrespective of their academic background. Registration for Prarambh opens 100 days prior to the event, offering a unique opportunity for innovators to showcase their ventures. The six-week mentorship program, commencing 2.5 months before Prarambh, provides invaluable guidance to participants. This year, esteemed mentors Mr. Judhajit Bal, Mr. Vijay Ladha, Mr. Aayu Kharbanda, and Mr. Mr. Manish Goyal and Mr. Saurabh Vyas, will contribute their expertise to the program. The event boasts a generous prize pool of one lakh, with support from the incubation center.

Following Prarambh, the Entrepreneurship Summit is scheduled for January 14, 2024. The theme, ‘Uncharted Horizon: Charting New Pathways in Entrepreneurship,’ underscores the event’s focus on exploration and breaking barriers. With a projected footfall of over 250, the seven-hour summit will feature delegate speakers from the industry sharing their extraordinary journeys of innovation and business-building.

This year’s sponsors, Narayan Seva Sansthan and Wabi Sabi Bar and Lounge, join hands to make the summit a grand success. The Saksham team are pleased to announce the participation of distinguished speakers:

Founder & CEO at NoBroker.com

Alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Kanpur, with a rich background in management consulting, finance, and startups.

Co-founder and CEO at Better Half

MIT MBA holder, contributing his expertise in product growth assignments with Twitter, Snapchat, Yik Yak, and WeChat.

Co-founder at Fab Hotels & TravelPlus

Alumnus of The Wharton School, bringing a wealth of experience in the hospitality and travel industry.

Associate Director at Standard Chartered Bank

Former director of Dexter Capital Advisors and TiE Bangalore, offering insights from his extensive background in growth-stage companies.

MD and CEO of Aye Finance Private Limited

Accomplished leader in Consumer Banking with over 34 years of experience, leading the company from a tech-driven startup to an award-winning financial services firm.

SAKSHAM, the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Udaipur, is committed to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in the student community and society at large. Through events like Prarambh and the Entrepreneurship Summit, SAKSHAM provides a platform for ideas to transform into successful venture.

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