5 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Content Popularity!

Instagram has more than one billion active users, with all new and established brands on the platform. It is for everyone and not just for specific people. 

It is for artists, musicians, dancers, fashion experts, fitness experts, and so on. That is why Instagram content is largely responsible for the “influencer culture” that turns people into overnight celebrities.

The wide scope and exposure which comes with Instagram have pulled people closer to it. Everyone is now creating Instagram content for the audience in different niches.

What drives these content creators is the engagement rate. It refers to the number of likes, profile visits, shared views, comments, and DMs, and saves your posts receive. Therefore, a good engagement rate means that people enjoy your content.

A greater rate of user engagement also makes your account more discoverable by other people, because this is how the Instagram algorithm works. To increase engagement on your profile, you can buy comments on Instagram, as well as likes and shares, to make your profile promotion more smooth and efficient.

However, as the competition is increasing people and brands are putting their best foot forward to beat the rival accounts. If you are also part of the competition and want to improve your content to get more followers on Instagram, continue reading. 

We have gathered the top five tips that can significantly help to get more engagement on Instagram posts and make you more popular.

1. Understand Your Audience

It is a popular reason why many accounts do not witness an improvement in their popularity graph. They do not understand what their audience enjoys or wants to see on their feed.

If you are a budding fashion influencer, follow the trends. If you are trying to do everything, stop and narrow down your focus. Proceed step by step and begin with one narrow field.

It could be anything from fashion hacks, mix, and match, or 100 days of outfits—to name a few. 

Experimenting does not always go well with your audience. If you are still confused, why not directly ask your followers? Ask them what they want to see on your feed via stories.

It gives you a clearer image and helps you get more likes on Instagram posts with your audience. 

2. Maintain a Check

It is crucial to monitor what is working for you and what is not. As a content creator or influencer, Instagram’s business profile feature lets you have raw figures of the number of shares, likes, and saves per post.

It is useful in understanding your audience’s preferences, likes, and dislikes. If a piece of content is not doing well and is unable to get more engagement on Instagram posts, you will know to skip it.

Getting these metrics helps you shape your social media strategy accordingly. Therefore, you can include changes that will help you get more followers on Instagram and help gain engagement on Instagram posts.

3. Consistency

Instagram has a lot of competition now with billions of users. Therefore, it is sometimes tough to stay ahead of everyone else, but certainly not impossible. 

It requires time and patience to create a brand personality, and earn organic traffic. A lack of consistency is why many people and brands do not rise above their rivals. 

They probably run out of ideas or motivation, which affects the Instagram SEO and, in turn, the ranking. 

If you are running out of novel content ideas, you can always repurpose your best-performing content to maintain consistency.

4. Share on Stories

If there is one thing all top-performing Instagram influencers do, it posts daily stories. Stories are the most widely viewed feature on Instagram. People might not scroll through the feed, but they will constantly tap across multiple stories. Thus, your stories can play a significant part in drawing some attention. 

You must count on the followers’ curiosity to make your stories more effective. Drop a trailer to your new video and ask the followers to check it out. Similarly, engage in a conversation with your audience through a question-and-answer session or go live frequently. Always include a call to action to boost your engagement.

5. Create an Outstanding Profile

Instagram is a great way to get people to know you or your brand. So treat it like you would treat yourself when entering a room full of unknown people. 

You would dress up well, speak well, and do well. Similarly, have an attractive Instagram profile picture with an aesthetic feed that speaks to you. Make sure your Instagram bio is short and witty. 

If you have a blog or a Youtube channel, then add their links to your bio. 

An attractive profile with high-quality images and a uniform aesthetic is what drives popularity.


Keeping up with the changing Instagram trends and algorithms is hard, but not impossible. It is a constant process where you learn, improve, and adapt. Your Instagram content strategy cannot be one-sided and absolute. Changing times, technologies, and trends will always require you to adjust. Only then you can get more followers on Instagram.

One important thing in your Instagram content, which is paramount for creating quality content that attracts an audience, is quality. You need to ensure your videos are 4K and your images are top-resolution. If you are shooting pictures, have an aesthetic background or backdrop. While creating reels, be incorrect sync and use trending sounds.

Instagram content article and permission to publish here provided by Thomas Moore. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on January 22, 2023.

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