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30 Friendship Videos To Teach Kindness and Compassion

Although kids learn many important lessons in school, one of the most important is how to be a good friend. So we’ve compiled some of the best videos that use compassion, wisdom, and humor to tackle what it means to be a good friend. Regardless of whether you have a tiny tot or a teenager, everyone can use a reminder about how to make and keep friends. We especially love that many of these diverse videos put an emphasis on celebrating kindness and valuing our differences. Some use beloved characters like Elmo while others utilize a more artistic animation. Some of our favorite videos include real people, like kids giving TED Talks, or simply real-life families having a conversation about what makes a good friend. Use these friendship videos to jump-start conversations with your students so you can better build your classroom community.

1. A Funny Video on Friendship by Laughter Chapter

Nothing makes it harder to be friends with someone than competing with them. Therefore, watch how these two funny animals figure out how to help each other and become friends in the process. (2:35)

2. Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns We Can All Get Along

With a cute name like Howard Wigglebottom, kids will surely fall in love with this cute bunny as he learns how to better get along with others. Howard’s grandma teaches him that he can’t always be right or get his own way. (4:51)

3. Friendship Soup by The NED Show

Kids learn about the equally important ingredients like kindness, honesty, and respect that make up a tasty friendship. (3:13)

4. Elmo and Rosita Teach Friendship by Sesame Street

Since kids love Elmo, this video will hold their attention as they learn about the basics of being a good friend. Elmo and Rosita list helping each other, sharing, doing things together, and (of course) being silly together. (2:45)

5. Listen to Kid President as He Explains How To Make a Friend

Friendship videos like this one will appeal to middle school students and possibly older kids since the main characters are 12 and 14. During their discussion, Kid President asks his guest to complete the sentence “The world would be more awesome if …” His guest, Donna, then answers, “If everybody learned to accept each other even if they’re different from each other.” Finally, they discuss Muslim religion and dwarfism in a heartwarming conversation about differences. (4:02)

6. What Makes a Good Friend by Action for Children

During this video, a charming group of British schoolchildren shares their thoughts about the enduring characteristics of friendship. (2:01)

7. A Lesson on Making Friends at School

Despite this video being less than two minutes long, its message on making friends at school is on point. While trying to connect to other kids at school, be sure to smile, compliment, and invite new friends to do a fun activity with you! (1:42)

8. A Short Story About True Friendship by Toon Explainers

Friendship videos can be short but powerful. In this one, a young boy is left out on the basketball court and feels sad, but he soon finds a friend, and together they make their own fun. (1:07)

9. Be a Super Hero Through Kindness by Jack Hartmann

Friendship videos that you can also rock out to? Yes, please! This catchy tune will teach kids how to be a real superhero with lyrics like “show kindness and respect to every boy and girl.” (2:44)

10. Kindness Is a Muscle by Universal Kids

This song centers around kindness since it is a key aspect of friendship. “Kindness is a muscle, work it out, gotta hustle. We kids will show you the way, gotta flex it every day.” (2:54)

11. Take Some Tips on Making Friends From a Teacher

Since teachers witness all of the interactions between kids at school, this video gets tips for making friends right from the best possible source. Among their best advice? Get involved and join some clubs! (3:27)

12. Kindness Is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler by Best Friends Foundation

Your students will learn a valuable lesson about friendship while enjoying this read-aloud of Kindness Is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler by Margery Cuyler. Five of Mrs. Ruler’s students are kept in from recess because they were caught being unkind to their classmates. As a result, their teacher assigns them five acts of kindness to share with the class. (9:25)

13. A Lesson on Friendship for Preschoolers

Undeniably cute sea creatures like Captain McFin help teach kids how to handle a number of real-life scenarios that might come up between friends. (4:52)

14. Use Polite Words by WonderGrove Kids

One of the best ways to make friends is to speak kindly and use your manners. We especially love that this cute video includes sign language instruction to teach kids polite words. (2:54)

15. Friendship by Mountain Camp Woodside

Campers share inspiring thoughts about friendship in their own words. (4:07)

16. How To Make Friends by The Learning Patch

Before getting started for the day, have your students listen to these adorable preschoolers share words of wisdom about how to make friends. It’s “kindness, empathy, compassion” and, of course, sharing your Cheetos with everyone! (2:49)

17. Children Explain How You Make Friends by SWNS Digital

Since kids are the target audience for this video, we love that the advice comes right from the horse’s mouth. Their unquestionably sound advice includes starting with a hello, smiling, asking questions, listening, sharing, and more. (2:13)

18. Make Friends With Meesha

Meesha is a creative and imaginative little girl, but she struggles to make friends. Follow along as she soon realizes the value of having even just one good friend. (4:00)

19. Be a Good Friend by GoNoodle

This sweet video teaches kids that friendship is not about a big thing, instead it’s about a million little things you can do every day. (1:37)

20. Join William as He Befriends Tiny Wacky

Enjoy this read-aloud story about a boy named William who discovers that sometimes you can find a friend in someone you wouldn’t have expected! (5:32)

21. PBS Kids Talk About Friendship

PBS Kids is a great resource and this video on friendship is certainly no exception. Real families sit down to discuss things like what qualities make a good friend as well as ways to deal with a bully. (9:29)

22. Setting Healthy Boundaries With Christina Furnival

Setting healthy boundaries is an important part of any relationship and is certainly something that is beneficial to learn earlier in life. This video uses a simple story to demonstrate how to stand up for yourself while remaining respectful. (4:30)

23. Mindfulness Maya’s Friendship Tips

Cute cartoon Maya and her friend provide simple tips on friendship like treating others the way you want to be treated and looking out for your friends. We especially love the way they end the video with some simple breathing exercises. (2:36)

24. Inseparable

Although there are no words spoken in this short film, the story of friendship will still melt anyone’s heart. Show it to your students and then have them write about what they saw. (2:00)

25. A Kid-Friendly TED Talk

This TED Talk is not only adorable but it’s also informative! This wise-beyond-her-years third grader shares the results of studies on friendship including the tidbit that having friends helps you live longer! (5:11)

26. A Lesson on Diversity and Inclusion

The young girl in this video, Maryam Elassar, shares an anecdote about a time when questions about her clothing led to a chance to build a bridge. Share this TED Talk with your students to jump-start a conversation about diversity. We are more aware than ever that the need to accept one another is at the heart of humanity, with many schools even starting working groups on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. (6:34)

27. A Powerful Short on Friendship

While on the surface this animated short is really nothing like the TED Talk above, both exemplify the ways in which diverse people (or houses, hehe) can grow together in friendship. This video not only contains a sweet message but also beautiful animation! (9:50)

28. A Heartwarming Commercial

While some might think this is just a commercial for colored pencils, it’s much more than that! This sweet ad tells the story of a little girl who is helped by a new friend in school and then does something kind in return. (Is someone cutting onions?) (2:59)

29. A Tale of Forgiveness

Friendship videos like this one focus on one specific element of being a good friend—in this case, forgiveness. (1:48)

30. A Friendship Across Species

The story of Rescue and Jessica is a compelling one about the relationship between a woman and her service dog. Read the story with your students and then show them this video so they can meet the real Rescue and Jessica. We especially love that this story is a good way to introduce young kids to the idea that some people are differently abled and some dogs are service animals, but they are just like everyone else! (4:57)

How do you teach kindness in your classroom? Do you use friendship videos? Come share in our We Are Teachers Helpline group on Facebook.

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