3 Tips to Implement Dash Cameras in Your Fleet!

Adding dash cams to your company’s fleet offers benefits such as fewer accidents and claims, as many commercial crashes in the U.S. are due to avoidable driver errors or risky driving behavior. Using dash cameras can help identify risky driving behaviors, keeping both your drivers and others on the road safer.

It is normal that some drivers may feel intimidated about implementing a fleet dash cam. As such, it is important to take steps to help truckers feel supported to successfully implement dash cameras in your fleet.

Get prepared with these three tips to implement dash cameras in your fleet.

1. Driver Education

Drivers may feel intimidated about implementing dash cams simply because they don’t understand how they work. To begin with, start with clear communication about the purpose of implementing the technology including provision of a dash cam manual.

Then, move into education on the more advanced workings of dash cameras, such as who has access to video footage, how videos will be used, and more. Remind drivers that by using artificial intelligence (AI), humans are not reviewing the captured video footage.

When drivers ask common questions about privacy, answer with transparency and reassure drivers that the goal of implementing a fleet dash cam is to enhance their safety.

2. Gather Feedback

Another tip to successfully implement a fleet dash cam involves gathering driver feedback. Creating a survey or other space for drivers to express their opinions will show drivers your company cares about how they feel.

It may be helpful to send out a preliminary survey to gather feedback on how your driver team may respond to fleet dash cams. Using the data you collect from this survey, you can identify the hurdles you may face during the implementation process and better equip yourself for them.

3. Highlight the Driver’s Benefits

While many drivers may initially feel a fleet dash cam is an invasion of their privacy, they may change their thinking once they realize its many benefits. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, staged accidents are a real concern for commercial drivers, as the number one fraud scheme in the United States.

Thus, fleet dash cams can help drivers clear of fraud schemes or accident blame by capturing video proof during an accident. With insurance costs on the rise, dash cams can also help lower insurance premiums, which can sometimes mean better employee compensation.

If this is true for your business, it’s worth explaining this benefit to drivers. Your team may initially meet you with resistance, however, explaining personal benefits to them can help ease these tensions.

Getting drivers to buy in on the addition of fleet dash cam technology is not always easy. It is only natural that drivers will have privacy and security questions. To make implementation easier, drivers should be educated on the functionality of dash cameras and reminded of their many benefits.

Furthermore, gathering feedback can help your fleet prepare for potential challenges during the implementation process.

Dash Cameras article and permission to publish here provided by Lukas Mac-Kay. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on January 5, 2023.

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