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25 Best Vibrators for External & Internal Stimulation 2024

Editor Tip: As far as features go, this one has the chops. It has four power levels (the highest speed is 6,300 RPM…take that, SoulCycle) and four vibration patterns. The bulbous head is also flexible, and everything is controlled with the intuitive buttons.

Product Specs: Wand vibrator, water-based lube compatible, 3-hour battery life, rechargeable

Toe-Curling Air Pulsations: Womanizer Pro40

Why It’s Worth It: The Womanizer Pro40 is one of the most popular clit-sucking vibrators for a reason — it really, really works. It uses air to stimulate rather than just vibrations, and it has adjustable intensities that range from super mild to the polar opposite. Plus, it’s rechargeable, and it’s water-resistant so you can bring it into the bath.

Editor Tip: Choose from six intensities and place the opening head over your clitoris. Then you’ll start to feel the gentle (or not gentle…wink) air pulsations. Use it during penetrative sex for a dual-stimulation boost.

Product Specs: Suction vibrator, waterproof, water-based lube compatible, 4-hour battery life, USB-rechargeable

Best Clitoral Vibrator: Dame Pom

Why It’s Worth It: Allow this beginner-friendly clitoral vibe to take your solo sex life to new heights. Its single-button control means that you can spend more time enjoying the vibrations and less time fumbling over buttons.

Editor Tip: The vibrator has a slight point at the tip for pinpointed sensations on your clit, and it’s soft and pliable so you can mold it to your body.

Product Specs: Clitoral vibrator, water-based lube compatible, 5 vibration settings, waterproof, 1-hour battery life, magnetic USB rechargeable

Choosing the best vibrators

Maybe you already have a tried-and-true vibrator that gets you where you want to go, but you’re looking for variety, or you’re completely new to sex toy ownership and don’t know what makes a sex toy high quality. Perhaps, you’re looking for the perfect couple’s vibrator (even if you’re in a long-distance relationship). Whatever you’re looking for, we can assure you that you’ll find it.

Before you invest in just any vibrator, make sure it aligns with your sexual preferences. For example, you don’t want to use a G-spot stimulator for anal play — doing so may result in an embarrassing trip to the emergency room. There are different kinds of vibrators with endless vibration intensity levels, suction stimulation, and even powerful motors with thrusting technology to get you going exactly how you like it.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the material the toy is made of. You always want to buy a toy made with body-safe materials like stainless steel, silicone, and borosilicate glass. Silicone toys are the most popular, so always remember to pair it with a water-based lube to avoid breaking down the material.

Where to buy sex toys

Shopping for a sex toy is more discreet than ever before, thanks to the internet. With that being said, you always want to buy your vibrators and sex toys from trusted retailers that guarantee the highest quality products — you are putting these toys on and/or in your body, after all. If you need more sex toy shopping guidance, we have an entire list of Allure-approved sex toy shops you can peruse virtually.

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