19 Best Red Lingerie Sets for Valentines Day and Beyond

If you’re ready to bring a little colour therapy into your underwear drawer, red lingerie is *the* shade to choose. Dopamine Dressing is a thing, and can genuinely boost your mood for the day ahead of you. Yep, there is serious science behind it, and who doesn’t need all the attitude-lifting help they can get in the mornings?

When you wear red, studies have shown that you develop positive feelings about yourself. And if others see you in red, they also have a positive perception of you. We know we’re talking about lingerie here so obvs it’s up to you if you show anyone what you’re wearing under that dress… but it’s no coincidence that the colour synonymous with excitement, energy and passion is a favourite for Valentine’s Day lingerie.

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In the mood for something truly show-stopping? Let Gossard’s expertise guide you. The brand’s Fiesta Padded Plunge Basque will truly have you feeling like ‘that girl’, and might even be worthy as bridal lingerie. Who says you can’t wear red on your big day? You don’t have to stretch your budget limit to make an impression, though – not when brands like Boux Avenue, Lounge Underwear and Bluebella exist.

And if you’re looking to make a practical purchase, like cotton underwear, the most comfortable thongs, or the best bras (strapless bras, bra alternatives and indeed the best bras for big boobs or small boobs), red has still got you covered. Whatever underwear you choose, whether you’re after comfort, support, smart matching sets or straight up flame emojis in a set of colourful lingerie – specifically scarlet – from one of the best lingerie brands is our secret for making grey winter days so much brighter.

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Scroll down to see our edit of the best red lingerie to shop all year round.

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