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19 Best Eye Creams 2024 Of All Time, Tried & Tested

Still need convincing? We asked Dr Dendy Engelman, top skincare specialist and Elizabeth Arden‘s consulting New York dermatologist whether eye creams can really make a difference.

“I always say yes. Before you start thinking about injectables or anything like that, take a look at what you’re doing with your skincare,” says Dr Dendy. “You’re never too young for eye cream because we know it’s going to be the first area to really show crepiness, fine lines and wrinkles, so you do want to hydrate there.” However, it’s an area that can respond quickest to skincare, so you’ll start to see results more quickly, which is encouraging.

What does eye cream do?

“The thin skin around the eyes is the first to show signs of ageing, but if you induce collagen and elastin formation in thin skin, it very much translates clinically,” says Dr Dendy. However, thin skin can mean regular skincare products such as moisturisers can be too irritating. “We have to make sure that the cream is formulated for the eye area so that it’s not too irritating,” she adds.

It’s not just the density of our skin, that’s different. “There are fewer sebaceous glands around the eye area than in oilier areas like the T-zone,” says Dr Dendy. “Less oil means increased risk of wrinkling so I think you absolutely need the separate step of an eye cream to nourish,” she says.

How do I apply eye cream?

As well as under the eyes, Dr Dendy recommends going up on the brow bone and down to the crease. As for where to avoid? “If you put eye cream on your lash line, it’s going to transfer through into your eye while you sleep, which is irritating and then you’ll rub and scratch it,” says Dr Dendy.

What ingredients should we look for?

If you do decide to incorporate an eye cream into your skincare routine, there’s a wide variety of ingredients that can be called upon to tackle eye-related concerns like appearance of dark circles, crow’s feet, lack of elasticity, dry skin and puffiness.

Most skincare experts and dermatologists advise that the most common ingredients to look out for are hyaluronic acid (great for hydrating and nourishing tired eyes), vitamin C, which is a champion for brightening skin and diminishing pigmentation and dark circles, ceramides to plump skin, vitamin E, aloe vera, squalane and glycerin. They all work to give your under-eyes the proper TLC that they deserve.

The best caffeine eye creams are also great for reducing puffiness, while the best retinol eye creams are good for anti-ageing.

Speaking of retinol, clinical facialist Kate Kerr explains that “a retinol eye cream is necessary to help stabilise melanocytes [the cells that create pigment in skin] in order to prevent hyperpigmentation. It also thickens the dermis [which can mean veins appear less prominent], improves texture, smooths lines and wrinkles and hides purple skin tones.”

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