10 jaw-dropping dinosaur fossils unearthed in 2023

Non-avian dinosaurs have not roamed Earth for around 66 million years. But thanks to the fossils they left behind, we can piece together their history. And this year, paleontologists uncovered even more ancient clues about our planet’s former residents. From a tyrannosaur’s last meal and communal nests to a fossilized voice box, here are 10 of the best dinosaur fossils unearthed this year. 

First-ever tyrannosaur meal 

A fossilized juvenile Gorgosaurus was found with the hind legs of a smaller dinosaur in its stomach. (Image credit: Julius Csotonyi)

Researchers in Canada discovered the near-complete remains of a teenage tyrannosaur with its final meals perfectly preserved in its stomach. It was the first time that food had been found inside tyrannosaur guts.

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