Why Amul, Nandini Are Sponsoring 5 Other Teams in T20 World Cup Instead of India

In a surprising move, Indian dairy giants Amul and Nandini are sponsoring multiple international teams in the ongoing T20 World Cup, but not the Indian cricket team. Amul is backing the teams from Sri Lanka, South Africa, and the USA, while Nandini is supporting Ireland and Scotland. This decision, while seemingly unusual, is driven by strategic and financial considerations that align with the companies’ global expansion goals.

Strategic Sponsorship Choices 

Amul and Nandini’s choice to sponsor non-Indian teams boils down to the high costs associated with sponsoring Team India. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) set a hefty price of Rs 350 crore for Team India’s lead sponsorship rights in 2023. 

In stark contrast, Nandini managed to sponsor Ireland and Scotland for a much more affordable Rs 2.5 crore per team. This significant cost difference makes sponsoring foreign teams a more viable option for these companies.

The decision is also part of a broader strategy to increase brand visibility. By sponsoring multiple international teams, Amul and Nandini can reach a wider audience, including whenever these teams face off against India. This ensures substantial exposure at a fraction of the cost of sponsoring the Indian team.

Expanding Global Footprint

These sponsorship deals are pivotal for Amul and Nandini as they aim to enhance their global presence. Amul, in particular, is expanding its product range in the USA, having recently launched fresh milk products in the American market. 

“This is the first time we have launched fresh milk outside India,” says Jayen Mehta, Amul’s managing director. The collaboration with the 108-year-old Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA) underscores this strategic expansion.

In addition to the USA team, Amul’s partnerships with South African and Sri Lankan teams further reinforce its global marketing efforts. Venu Pisike, chairman of USA Cricket, highlights the significance of Amul’s sponsorship: “This collaboration is also a significant step towards expanding and popularising cricket across the nation.”

Nandini, Karnataka’s renowned dairy brand, is taking a bold step by sponsoring the Irish and Scottish teams. This decision follows their successful sponsorship of the Bengaluru Bulls in the Pro-Kabaddi League, where their logo was prominently featured on the jerseys. 

MK Jagadish, Managing Director of Nandini, Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF), explained the rationale behind this move. “Nandini has the second largest cooperative inventory in the country. We have expanded our market from Karnataka to Kerala, Kashi, and Chennai, and now we are looking beyond India,” he said. With increasing ice-cream sales and a strong presence in international markets like the Middle East, Nandini aims to promote its brand to a global audience through cricket.

The choice of Ireland and Scotland as sponsorship recipients, despite them not being top-tier teams, was strategic. “We wanted to sponsor a few popular teams, but most were already taken. Ireland and Scotland will play multiple matches, providing ample visibility for Nandini,” Jagadish added. This move is expected to enhance Nandini’s brand recognition, particularly as these teams progress in the tournament.

Nandini’s sponsorship strategy is driven by the need to enhance brand visibility. Jagadish explained, “Cricket is a sport watched by Indians across the globe. Our products are already available in international markets, and sponsoring cricket teams helps us reach a broader audience.” The visibility of Nandini’s logo on the jerseys, particularly on the leading arm of the batsmen, is expected to provide significant brand exposure during the matches.

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Enhancing Cricket’s Appeal in New Markets

The sponsorship by Amul and Nandini is also about supporting cricket’s growth in new and emerging markets. The inclusion of cricket teams like the USA in the T20 World Cup is a historic moment, marking the first time the USA co-hosts an international cricket event. 

The sport, though having deep historical roots in the US, has seen fluctuating popularity. Now, it is witnessing a resurgence thanks to the enthusiasm of immigrants from cricket-loving nations.

The success of the T20 Major League Cricket in 2023 and the growing commercial value of the sport underscore cricket’s potential in the USA. Pisike notes, “After the success of the T20 Major League Cricket, launched in 2023, we saw the opportunity for cricket to grow a lot more in the US.” 

Brands like Amul and Nandini play a crucial role in this growth, helping to make cricket more mainstream in the US and beyond.

Amul and Nandini’s sponsorship of non-Indian teams in the T20 World Cup highlights a strategic move to enhance global brand presence while managing costs effectively. 

By backing teams from Sri Lanka, South Africa, the USA, Ireland, and Scotland, these dairy giants are not only promoting their brands but also supporting the global expansion of cricket. This approach allows them to reach a diverse audience and build a stronger international footprint, aligning with their broader business goals.

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