What Is Latte Dressing: The Latest Fashion Sensation?

The ‘Latte Dressing’ trend, a unique blend of earthy elegance and quiet luxury, has taken the fashion world by storm. 

This year was all about experimenting as fashion trends constantly evolved from Barbiecore, sheer clothing, baggy jeans and vintage trends to minimalism. And now, it is Latte Dressing, serving as the biggest colour trend. 

What Is This ‘Latte Dressing’ Trend?

Several trends emerged as the street style set descended on New York Fashion Week. But of them all, the Latte Dressing trend caught the eye of most fashionistas. 

If you’re an Insta-reel addict, you must have heard of latte makeup, that is, a combination of smouldering brown eyeshadows paired with chocolate bronzers and cinnamon lip liners. Similarly, the sartorial references combine mocha staples to create perfect fashion. 

Latte fashion has its roots in beauty influencers on TikTok, reviving the tan foundation and copious bronzer that saturated the 90s. #BeautyTok personality, Rachel Rigler described the term she coined and the look she helped re-popularise as, It’s warm, milky and effortless.”

What Are Fashion Experts Saying?

Latte Dressing essentially comes from the shades and hues of brown, a subtle mix of cinnamon and chocolate and bronzers following after the quiet luxury fashion trend we saw this year. It started a TikTok trend and made its way to fashion weeks. In Indian fashion since its fall as well, a lot of consumers are requesting various shades of tan, brown or mocha in sarees and lehengas in rich heirloom fabrics. Quite luxury with earthy colours,said Manishi Joshi, Creative Head of Premya by Manishii. 

“The latte dressing trend is all inspired by a morning cup of coffee. The term comes from Italian ‘caffe latte’ Which means coffee and milk. It’s all about embracing shades of brown, beige, taupe and cream from coffee to caramel and chocolate to latte. It makes you stand out confidently while embracing the warm and rich shades of brown. The beauty of this trend lies in its subtleness. It is the latest luxury trend making waves on social media and the streets of Fashion Week. We are captivated by this trend which beautifully compliments the winter chill, Much like the warmth of a hot cup of coffee,” explained the founder of Siddh Couture, Deepa Goel.

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Which Famous Personalities Have Donned The Look?

As coffee shades spill from TikTok to fashion mainstream, actress Tamannaah Bhatia recently posted an Instagram picture donning this look.

In a very recent episode of Koffee with Karan, Alia Bhatt complemented her dress with the ‘latte makeup’ trend.  

The Princess of Wales also wore a camel-toned suit at a charity engagement in September.

Not only celebrities but this trend has also taken to the streets as the common public is seen donning this look. Let us know your opinions on this look in the comments below.

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