What Can You Do With A Degree In BMM?


A Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media (BMM) not only opens doors to traditional media roles but also paves the way for unconventional and offbeat career paths. Beyond the realm of journalism and advertising, BMM graduates can find exciting opportunities in areas that might not seem immediately associated with their field of study. In this article, we’ll explore some offbeat career paths for BMM graduates that showcase the versatility of their skills.

1. MBA and Business Consultant:

Surprising as it may seem, BMM graduates can leverage their communication and analytical skills to transition into the business world. Pursuing an MBA can lead to roles as business consultants, where their ability to understand and communicate effectively can contribute to strategic decision-making and problem-solving.

2. Brand Manager:

While branding is often associated with marketing, BMM graduates can take on the role of a brand manager, ensuring a consistent and compelling brand image across various platforms. Their understanding of media and communication makes them valuable assets in shaping and managing brand perception.

3. Corporate Communications Manager:

BMM graduates possess strong communication skills, making them well-suited for roles in corporate communications. They can serve as spokespersons for organizations, crafting and delivering messages to internal and external stakeholders, managing crises, and enhancing the company’s public image.

4. Digital Transformation Specialist:

As businesses increasingly embrace digital transformation, BMM graduates can play a pivotal role in guiding organizations through this process. They can work as digital transformation specialists, helping companies adapt to the evolving digital landscape and leverage technology for growth.

5. Crisis Communication Strategist:

BMM graduates with a knack for handling pressure and communicating effectively in challenging situations can pursue careers as crisis communication strategists. They can work with organizations to navigate and manage communication during crises, safeguarding the company’s reputation.

6. User Experience (UX) Designer:

With a keen understanding of audience engagement, BMM graduates can explore careers in user experience (UX) design. They can contribute to creating user-friendly interfaces and digital experiences, ensuring that products and services resonate with the target audience.

7. Market Research Analyst:

BMM graduates possess research and analytical skills that can be applied beyond media content. They can work as market research analysts, helping businesses understand consumer behavior, market trends, and competitive landscapes to inform strategic decision-making.

8. Social Impact Consultant:

BMM graduates passionate about social issues can carve a niche as social impact consultants. They can work with non-profits, NGOs, or socially responsible businesses, using their communication skills to drive positive change and create awareness around important social causes.

BMM graduates have the potential to forge unique and offbeat career paths that go beyond the conventional roles associated with media studies. By leveraging their communication, analytical, and creative skills, they can make a mark in diverse fields such as business consulting, crisis communication, and social impact. The key lies in recognizing the breadth of opportunities available and embracing the versatility of a BMM degree.

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