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The Impact of Technology on the Gaming Industry!

Technology is seeping into every aspect of the world and online gaming is no stranger to it. Have you noticed a sudden increase in user levels in the gaming industry? This is because of technology. Over the years, online gaming has been through a lot of changes and most have led to progress. Today, this industry is more advanced and progressive.

Technology has enabled a variety of changes which is why online gaming continues to grow in popularity. In the modern world, gaming cultures are huge. In fact, many users are professional gamers or are moving towards that field. You’ll find online gaming even easier with Spectrum online. Here’s a list of the ways technology has impacted the gaming industry. For the better.  

High-Definition Graphics  

Graphics are to online games what water is to fish. Yes, they’re that important. Thye can make or break a game’s chance at success. Previously, games used to have very basic graphics. They were dull, colorless, and dry. But as technology has evolved graphics have reached a whole new level, starting with the Game Boy Color, such as in shooter games or golf simulators. Today, they can be viewed in high definition.

In fact, graphics are so real-like today that it’s hard to tell between online gaming and live gaming. For instance, Fifa the online football game has extremely lifelike players. The graphics are so advanced that the virtual game looks like a live football match! Even iGaming sites are striving to reach the new level of graphics and to show the full potential of online slots and table games to their customers.

And all of this is because of technology.  

The Use of VR and AR 

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are considered the greatest innovations in technology. And the use of these tools in the online gaming industry has taken gaming to a very advanced stage. Virtual reality allows users to completely be engaged in the game. The experience is so life-like that it feels like reality. VR and AR act as tools for a simulation-style experience.

They enable users to experience gaming from a first-person perspective. And the entire situation is very immersive. This is why VR and AR are growing in popularity. However, these tools are still not very common in the industry because of cost and availability. But it’s not long before they’ll be as common as screens.  

Gaming On the Go  

Technology makes gaming mobile. With the increase in mobile phones, more games are created today to fit the screen of these smartphones. Also, there has been a recent rise in the number of smartphone games. These are user-friendly and immersive. Because of this, gaming has become more flexible.

You don’t need to set up equipment and stay in one place to play. Users can move around while playing. Moreover, online gaming, like Stellaris titan limit, is also easily available this way. Because smartphones are now the most common device.  

Safer, Easier Payments  

In earlier years, online payments were risky. This meant that it was easier for users to get schemed or hacked. The most common cause of this was the release of personal information and security details. However, today, online payments are easy and safe. Users are not required to reveal personal information and so, there’s less risk.

The development of app stores has made online payments especially easy. Also, blockchain technology has added to this safety. Crypto wallets also don’t ask for personal information. Thus, you can pay any amount without fully revealing your identity.

So here is a research about CoinsPaid company, which is considered to be quite a popular cryptocurrency payment solution in the iGaming industry. In any case, you better learn about the pros and cons of crypto payments before using them.  

Accessibility With Cloud-Based Technology  

Cloud technology has completely changed online gaming. It has helped free up space and provide more storage digitally. But most importantly, cloud technology has made online gaming very accessible.

This is because players can play any game without setting up expensive equipment or investing in computers or consoles. Players are able to play any game they choose to and they can do this remotely. Here are some examples of Cloud Gaming:  

  1. Xbox Cloud Gaming 
  2. GeForce Now 
  3. Amazon Luna 
  4. GameFly Streaming 
  5. Playcast Media Systems 
  6. PlayStation Now 
Gaming industry article and permission to publish here provided by Hannah George. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on September 6, 2021.

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