The ‘Friends’ Experience Is Coming to Las Vegas — What to Know

Cue up The Rembrandts and grab your besties to dance around the famous Friends fountain, “The Friends Experience” is setting up a West Coast flagship location in Las Vegas to help celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary.  

Dubbed “The One in Vegas,” this Friends Experience — much like the traveling versions — will put visitors right on the recreated sets of the hit show. Guests can chill in Monica’s apartment, relax in the Central Perk coffeehouse, and kick back, literally, in Chandler and Joey’s black lazy boy recliners. And, in true homage to Sin City, Friends fans can reenact Ross and Rachel’s iconic wedding scene and bust through the wedding chapel doors.  

Courtesy of Original X Productions

“Las Vegas is the perfect destination to debut The Friends Experience’s second U.S. flagship location,” Stacy Moscatelli, CEO of Original X Productions, a company known for its immersive experiences, said in a statement. “Not only does the city attract millions of Friends fans every year, but Las Vegas plays an integral role in the series featuring some of the show’s most iconic and hilarious moments.”

In addition to the nostalgia-packed sets, fans will get a behind-the-scenes peek into the show’s production and be able to view props and costumes. 

In the five years since it launched, “The Friends Experience” has traveled to 24 cities checking off eight countries along the way. Its first permanent location was in New York City, where the series was set, with Las Vegas and London getting their own anchored activations. 

Courtesy of Original X Productions

Courtesy of Original X Productions

Calling Friends “nothing short of phenomenal,” Peter van Roden, senior vice president of Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment, said in a statement: “We’ve seen fans from all over the world embrace the chance to relive their favorite moments and connect with the show in a whole new way. With Las Vegas premiering as the West Coast flagship, there’s even more to look forward to as we continue celebrating the 30th anniversary of Friends.”

The all-ages activation opens later this year at MGM Grand — a property with its own ties to Hollywood. The resort was once home to a Wizard of Oz attraction and the MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park, a mini version of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios that lasted from 1993 to 2002.  

Learn more at FriendsTheExperience.com/Vegas.

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