The Best Cooling Clothes for Summer at Amazon

Outfits that are both comfortable and stylish to wear in extreme heat are hard to find. As a native Floridian and Orlando resident, I’m always on the lookout for smart cooling clothing that I can wear in the Sunshine State when temperatures reach scorcher levels (think: 95 degrees Fahrenheit and higher), and out on my trips as a travel writer. If you’re packing for hot locales, like a Caribbean cruise or a Mediterranean summer, opt for clothes that are breathable, quick-drying, and lightweight to wear (bonus points if they offer UPF sun protection). 

To find this trifecta of comfort, you have to read some labels and learn a little about different fabrics (nylon and polyester are renowned for their moisture-wicking properties, while linen is preferred for its lightweight construction). But perhaps the most important thing to remember is to pack light, as in bright colors closer to the color spectrum of white (i.e. tan, beige, creme, or taupe). When you’re outdoors in the sun, dark colors absorb more light and heat energy than lighter colors and will make you feel hotter faster. And, when possible, stash a mini portable fan in your bag so you can always catch a cool breeze. 

From head to toe, these are the 11 best cooling clothes for summer travel. They’ll keep you feeling fresh and comfortable, no matter how high temperatures soar this summer, and they’re all available at Amazon.

BuiltCool Cooling Baseball Hat


Your first line of defense against the hot sun starts with your head. Usually, baseball caps sit snug to your head and act like an insulator, quickly leading to a sweaty head, but this innovative one features a unique water-absorbing fabric weave and a hollow core to store and spread water throughout the hat so you’re always refreshed. 

For extra protection for your face and shoulders, I prefer a wide-brim hat like this crushable visor from Amazon. It keeps your face out of direct sunlight while letting heat escape from your scalp. It’s also a great style for keeping hair from getting sweaty and smushed. 

Big Dart Oversized Button-down Shirt


It might seem backward, but having handy layers for hot weather will help you feel more comfortable. A white button-down keeps the sun off your arms. It’s also useful when visiting locations where dress codes require covering your shoulders, like churches or temples. This button-down is lightweight and perfect for summer. The oversized cut allows for plenty of breathing room for a breeze. Wear this with shorts, pants, or over a dress. 

Anrabess Sleeveless Crop Top Wide-leg Capri Pants Two-piece Set


Lightweight linen is a great fabric for hot weather because it’s breathable. Made of flax fibers, linen is a natural, ancient textile used for centuries, and is known for its durability. Linen’s greatest downfall, however, is its tendency to wrinkle, which can be a nuisance for travelers. To solve this problem, look for linen blends. For example, these pants are blended with rayon, and the addition of a synthetic blend helps them dry faster than if they were just linen alone. Plus, the breezy tank top and relaxed fit of the pants will keep you cool in the heat. 

Magcomsen Quick-dry Hiking Shorts


A versatile pair of shorts should be in your bag for any warm-weather trip. In hot climates, a breathable, quick-dry fabric ensures you won’t stay damp in the event of a summer rain storm. I’m always reluctant to pull out the hotel iron or steamer in hot locations, so the fact that these are wrinkle-free and stocked with functional pockets makes them a great addition to a summer packing list. These shorts have also been praised for their comfort and fit, which is crucial for long travel days. Whether you’re travels take you trekking through a rainforest or navigating the busy streets of Rome, these shorts will prove to be a hard-working addition to your suitcase. 

Rbx Quick-dry Tank Dress


Dresses are one of my favorite items of clothing to wear in hot weather because they don’t constrict around my waist and they allow airflow around my legs. This loose-style, polyester-spandex blend dress is roomy and breezy. Plus, it has an adjustable, drawstring waistband and side pockets. If you’re traveling by carry-on only and want to bring just one dress, this one is multipurpose. Straight out of the bag, it makes a great piece to wear out on a boat deck for enjoying the breeze in nautical stripes. 

Pro tip: I recommend wearing breathable, anti-chafe underwear or shorts underneath, and Amazon shoppers love these thigh-length options from Reamphy for their soft waistband and no-slip design. 

MoFiz Cargo Capris With Pockets


Shorts and dresses aren’t the only ways to stay cool. If pants are more your style (or they fit your itinerary better), opt for a breathable, loose-fitting pair like these cargo capris from MoFiz. They’re made with the perfect blend of nylon, viscose, and spandex to ensure that they’re lightweight, stretchy, moisture-wicking, and cool to the touch. And, the 13-hue color range has options to suit anyone’s travel style. 

Baleaf Short-sleeve Athletic T-shirt


An everyday T-shirt is a packing essential, but you don’t want to wear something made with heavy, heat-retaining material when you’re up against 90-plus-degree Fahrenheit temperatures. Thankfully, there are quick-drying options like this Baleaf athletic T-shirt. Available in eight classic, easy-to-match colors, the short-sleeve shirt boasts a four-way stretching fabric, flat seams to prevent chafing when you’re on the move, and a longer back hem for extra coverage.

The brand is a popular choice for travelers, and you can also refresh your travel wardrobe with the Baleaf Cool-dry Tank Top or the Baleaf UPF 50+ Long-sleeve Sun Shirt.  

Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter


Using the science of evaporative cooling, a cooling neck gaiter can provide all-day relief from the heat. With a major artery running through your neck, cooling your chest and neck down when you get hot is one of the quickest ways to feel more comfortable. This UPF 50+ version uses Mission’s HydroActive Wet-to-Cool Technology to cool up to 30 degrees below average body temperature in under one minute, according to the brand. All you have to do is wet it with cold water, wring it out, and then wear it. 

For something more fashionable, there’s the Ergodyne Cooling Bandana, which can be worn like a headband or around your neck like a scarf. According to one shopper, who wore it on a trip to Egypt, “Seriously, it kept me cool all day long while I walked in the 115-degree (Fahrenheit) Egypt desert and it hasn’t dried out, even after I returned days ago and hung it out to dry.” 

Willit Hooded UPF 50+ Swim Cover-up Dress


There’s no better way to keep cool in the heat than by finding the nearest body of water. But after your dip, you’ll need something to protect yourself from the sun. Enter: Willit’s Hooded Swim Cover-up Dress. It’s enhanced with UPF 50+ sun protection and made with a lightweight fabric specially designed to pull moisture away from your skin, so you won’t feel sweaty under its long sleeves. This is a great outfit for days where you might be out all day doing activities that take you from sea to land; like lounging at the beach and then going to lunch, or hiking to a waterfall.

Teva Original Universal Sandals


With over 3,500 five-star ratings, Teva’s original sandals are the perfect summer shoe that does it all and will last you more than one season. Summer sandals should have soft and cushioned soles. Thin, flat sandals will feel hotter on your feet against sunny pavement or cobblestone. Teva’s adjustable strap design also allows you to change the fit of the shoe, which comes in handy if your feet swell in the heat, or you’re hopping in and out of water. Get a pair in a neutral color, like Sand Dune so you can wear these with almost any outfit.

G4Free RFID-blocking Crossbody Sling Backpack With USB Charging Port


This sling bag isn’t a piece of cooling clothing, per se, but when packing for a day out in the heat, I recommend keeping your bag small and compact. Large totes will create friction against your side as you walk, generating more heat. Backpacks will insulate against your back and trap sweat. This one has room for a water bottle and your own battery bank. It comes in a crisp, summery ivory color that could match with a lot of different outfits.

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