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Stacks Creator Ali Calls Bitcoin ‘Apex Predator’ as Development Flourishes on OG Blockchain

Same with NFTs when I look at it. Yes, there are many other factors, but just the fact that with Ordinals, the image is literally on the chain. And it’s not on any chain, it’s on Bitcoin, right? We know that Bitcoin is going to be around. I think that one property just stands out. Like people just feel that, you know, this is real, this thing is never gonna disappear, and my digital art is now stored forever. And that’s it. Like I think that’s the base level property. And then there are obviously other things around it that are leading to a lot of sort of interest there. And I think with Bitcoin DeFi, which is the main thing that gets enabled by L2s, we’ll again see these simple primitives. For example, one I can think of is a lot of people don’t want to sell their Bitcoin. So a very simple primitive could be, Hey, don’t sell your Bitcoin, but lock it in a decentralized way and get some liquidity. Take a stablecoin loan. Again, a simple concept that a lot of people get, and they can start using it. I think that’s how you start getting a lot of product market fit.

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