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Spring Wallpapers for your Tech

Spring is just four weeks away! Yay! Let’s welcome it early with some spring wallpapers for your tech. Below find four new patterns I created in seasonal pastels, they’re available in the standard four sizes for desktop, laptop, tablet, and cell phone. Links to the free downloads are below each one!


Among the Wildflowers | Colorful abstract strokes mimic a field of flowers


wildflowers for desktop 16:9 ratio | wildflowers for laptop 16:10 ratio

wildflowers for cell phone 9:16 ratio  |  wildflowers for tablet 3:4 ratio



Hillside | a verdant landscape in green and blue pastel hues


hillside for desktop 16:9 ratio | hillside for laptop 16:10 ratio

hillside for cell phone 9:16 ratio  |  hillside for tablet 3:4 ratio


Spring Rain | abstract paint swashes in shades of lavender, aqua, and pink

spring rain for desktop 16:9 ratio | spring rain for laptop 16:10 ratio

spring rain for cell phone 9:16 ratio  |  spring rain for tablet 3:4 ratio


Blush Bouquet | a cluster of flowers in pale pink and blue tones

bouquet for desktop 16:9 ratio | bouquet for laptop 16:10 ratio

bouquet for cell phone 9:16 ratio  |  bouquet for tablet 3:4 ratio

For personal use only 🙂

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