Renowned Crypto Analyst Predicts The Top 5 Altcoins For 2024

In a recent YouTube video, Michaël van de Poppe, a highly respected figure in the crypto analysis sphere, disclosed his top 5 altcoin picks for 2024. Van de Poppe, known as founder of Eight Global, emphasized the importance of a balanced approach over speculative bets on lesser-known altcoins. He stated, “I don’t believe in getting into very small altcoins to maximize the risk. Compounding your returns with a proper strategy benefits in the long run.”

Ethereum (ETH) – The Primary Crypto Choice

Van de Poppe’s foremost recommendation is Ethereum. The crypto analyst rationalizes this choice by pointing out the crowded space Bitcoin currently occupies, suggesting a shift of focus to altcoins. He articulated, “Bitcoin has been seeing a lot of upside already [caused by the spot ETF hype] … it’s getting a little bit overcrowded and I think the upside is relatively capped.”

He added that Ethereum is currently bottoming out against Bitcoin. “I think that Ethereum is undervalued at this point because there is a deflationary system involved.” His belief in Ethereum stems from its fundamental growth and the deflationary aspect of its economic model.

With regards to the 3-day ETH/USDT chart, he commented: “Ethereum holds a crucial level at $2,150 and is ready to continue the upwards path. Likely, we’ve bottomed on the ETH/BTC pair and have peaked on the Bitcoin dominance.”

Ethereum price analysis
Ethereum price analysis | Source: X @CryptoMichNL

Scalability Solutions – Arbitrum and Optimism

Delving deeper into the Ethereum ecosystem, van de Poppe highlighted the importance of scalability solutions. He sees Arbitrum as an attractive crypto investment, especially given its current stage and potential for growth.

“Arbitrum has not much price action yet, which is tricky, but can give you a very interesting investment thesis,” he explained, underscoring its upward trend against Bitcoin. “Retest at $0.98 did work, continuation towards $1.35 as well and even further. Some beautiful S/R flips, I think $1.40-1.45 should hold and we can continue to $2,” he stated.

Optimism is his second scalability solution choice, albeit with a cautionary note on its recent substantial run. Van de Poppe recommends a dollar-cost averaging strategy for Optimism, noting “the hype is already substantial here… buying a portion on every 10 cents that’s dropping to make sure that you get a nice average entry.”

Chainlink (LINK) – The Dark Horse

Chainlink (LINK) emerged as his fourth pick. Van de Poppe sees its prolonged bear market and early peak against Bitcoin in 2020 as indicators of significant potential, especially in conjunction with DeFi, RWA, and NFTs. “Chainlink… has been going into the longest bear market that it existed… cycles will happen, and that’s why the opportunity costs are big,” the crypto analyst remarked.

“Chainlink shows that the markets are looking for a higher low on the BTC pairs. Bitcoin pairs show strength in altcoins and are a key indicator in bull markets. As long as LINK stays above 0.000253 BTC, it’s fine and we can start targeting 0.006 BTC,” van de Poppe noted.

Chainlink price analysis
LINK/BTC, 1-week chart analysis | Source: X @CryptoMichNL

SUI – The New Competitor

The final altcoin in van de Poppe’s selection is SUI, a newer project he compares to successful platforms like Phantom, Avalanche, and Matic. He advises on investing in Ethereum competitors, asserting, “The final one that I am going to explain here is SUI, which is currently also starting to trend upwards. I’m not sure what it is going to hold though, but outside of the Ethereum ecosystem and DeFi corner.”

He added, “I want to be investing into competitors of Ethereum and you can choose SUI, DOT, ATOM, all those projects. I would like to choose something that’s relatively new, SUI.”

Looking at the 1-day chart of SUI/BTC, the crypto analyst stated: “The ecosystems are heating up, and SUI is waking up alongside ARB and OP. Looking for the BTC pair here, which is ready to do a beautiful retest at the 0.00001710 area. If that holds, an uptrend likely starts to 0.00003000 BTC.”

SUI price analysis
SUI/BTC, 1-day analysis | Source: X @CryptoMichNL

Crypto Portfolio Distribution And Strategy

Van de Poppe suggests a balanced portfolio distribution, advocating for a larger allocation to more established coins: 40% in Ethereum, 20% in Chainlink, and smaller portions in Arbitrum and Optimism (each 15%) as well as SUI (10%). He also emphasized the need for a dynamic approach to trading and profit-taking, saying, “Trading is a lot about being flexible and having a flexible mindset.”

Featured image from BoliviaInteligente / Unsplash, chart from TradingView.com

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