[Podcast] Best of JUST Branding Podcast 2023 (Season 4)

Welcome to our special ‘Best of 2023’ episode of ‘JUST Branding,’ where we dive into the most insightful and transformative ideas in branding and marketing from the year.

This episode is a curated journey through the minds of industry leaders, innovators, and rebels, each offering unique perspectives on branding’s evolving landscape.

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We kick off with the most popular episode of the season, Episode 1, which just happened to be our own. In it, we discuss the intricacies of becoming a brand consultant and our own personal journeys.

  • Episode 8 takes a different turn with Mike Roberts, exploring personal branding and the influential role of LinkedIn.
  • In Episode 11, Ian Barnard brings practical wisdom on building big brands with modest budgets, followed by a rebellious twist in
  • Episode 5 with Stix of Liquid Death, who redefines branding norms.
  • Episodes 9 and 15, featuring Fred & Erik of SNASK delve into the heart of creativity, empathy, and culture, and the development of BIG brand ideas.
  • The art of workshop design is elegantly unfolded by Brittni Bowering in Episode 3, while Rachel Davis in Episode 14 balances the scales between facilitation and strategy.
  • Chris Kocek in Episode 16 and Dan White in Episode 7 take us through the intricate process of uncovering insights and measuring brand impact.
  • Miri Rodriguez’s Episode 17 on Brand Storytelling and Jenni Romaniuk’s Episode 12 on Distinctiveness & Differentiation provide a masterclass on crafting compelling narratives and standing out in a crowded market.
  • Terri Goldstein in Episode 10 and Hamish Smyth in Episode 13 bring their expertise on mastering brand building in regulated environments and the art of consistency in brand guidelines.
  • Lastly, Kate Pincott in Episode 4 explores the cutting-edge world of NFTs and their impact on brands, while another Episode 17 offers insights into brand growth through AI, marking the convergence of branding and technology.

Join us as we revisit these captivating discussions, each a cornerstone of modern branding and marketing.

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