People Are Tinting Their Brows With Self-Tanner

Self tanner seems to be a solution for just about everything. First and foremost, self tanner helps us appear less pale and more sunkissed without getting sun damage in the process. Recently, people have begun to use self tanner to help them contour, also known as tantouring. Now, the newest tanning trend doesn’t even involve skin but eyebrows. “Is there anything self tanners can’t do?” says celebrity tan artist and CEO and founder of Dolce Glow Isabel Alysa. Let’s see.

Could self tanner actually successfully tint eyebrows?

Founder and managing director of St. Moriz Mel Brownlow says this TikTok trick can actually work wonders. “Tinting your eyebrows using a self-tanner absolutely works. Similar to contouring using self-tanners, you can meticulously apply self-tanner to your eyebrows using a thin eyebrow brush,” explains Isabel Alysa. Brownlow recommends using “an angled eyeliner brush to create gentle brush strokes to mimic eyebrow hairs within the eyebrow area.”

While Brownlow recommends leaving the self tanner on for two to three hours, Isabel Alysa suggests wearing it for six to eight hours before rinsing it off. For best results, Brownlow highly recommends “checking your brows every 30 minutes to achieve your desired tint level.”

How long you leave the self tanner on ultimately depends on how dark you want the outcome to be. Isabel Alysa recommends using a dark self tanner, for those looking for a darker eyebrow tint. However, it’s best to go lighter at first because it’s hard to come back from brows that are too dark, and you can always build to a deeper shade.

How does the self tanning method compare to other eyebrow tinting techniques?

Isabel Alysa says which eye brow tinting hack is best for you depends on how dark of a tint you’re looking for and how long you want it to last. “An eyebrow tint from a self tanner is a bit more subtle and usually lasts about seven days, whereas a traditional eyebrow tint can last a full month,” says Isabel Alysa. “So if you choose the self tanner route, you would want to re-apply by day five before it starts to fade.”

Brownlow recommends the self tanning method over other brow tinting techniques. While the self tanning technique lasts fewer days than a professional eyebrow tint “Using self tanner allows for a longer-lasting application than the traditional brow gel or pomade,” says Brownlow. The self tanner hack is also “a much more budget-friendly alternative to professional eyebrow tinting or microblading,” she adds.

Are there any risks involved in using self tanner to tint your eyebrows?

The eye area is sensitive, points out Isabel Alysa, so “make sure you don’t get any self tanner in your eyes or on your eyelids.” She explains that self tanners often contain DHA, which tends to dry the skin. Brownlow also notes the potential risk of staining the skin or eyebrow area too dark. “This is why we recommend using a light hand, using gentle strokes and checking your brows frequently as the tan develops,” she says. “However, since self tan isn’t permanent, these risks are easily avoidable and correctable. If you accidentally apply self tan outside of your brows, you can wipe it right off to ensure the perfect color and shape!”

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