Make Sure To Create Your Google Business Profile Listing In Your Language

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Before creating your Google Business Profile listing, make sure you are using the right language. If not, it may cause serious issues for you in the long run where the services will be wrong and will appear in that language.

A Local Search Forum thread highlights this issue where the language entered for one Google Business Listing was in Ukrainian. So now, Google automatically translates those services to Ukrainian for all searchers, despite if you want those services to be in English or another language.

This is what it looks like:

Gbp Language Services Issue

Yan Gilbert explained in the thread that this happens “when the listing was set up by someone using a different language.” ” I contacted Google support about it was told that there was no way to fix this. Only way would be to close the current listing and start a new listing. I did not take them up on their offer,” he added.

So he tried “deleting all services, saving, then adding them back in but that did not work as they were re-translated after saving,” he added.

So be careful when doing this and make sure you are in the language you desire for your services.

Forum discussion at Local Search Forum.

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