“Don’t Compare The Two,” Meena Kumari’s Stepson Says After Sharmin Segal’s Remark

Meena Kumari’s stepson, Tajdar Amrohi has come forward to respond to Sharmin Segal stating that one of her inspirations in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Netflix series ‘Heeramandi’ was the late veteran actor’s role in the movie Pakeezah.

Segal, who played the role of Alamzeb in the series has been heavily criticised for her acting and assumptions that it was only her association with Bhansali that got her the role.

What Did Meena Kumari’s Son Say?

Tajdar Amrohi in an interview with Zoom TV said “Zameen aasman ka fark hai between ‘Heeramandi’ and ‘Pakeezah’ (There is a difference of earth and sky between them).

Don’t compare the two. Nobody can make ‘Pakeezah’ again. Neither Meena Kumari nor Kamal Amrohi (Director) can ever be born again. I don’t want to say much about this since Bhansali is a big fan of my father Kamal Amrohi.

In every film of his, Bhansali tries to take shot in a very similar way as my father did. Once, he had come to Kamalistan Studio, he asked where my Dad used to sit, where my Dad walked. Out of great respect, he touched the ground where my Dad sat. That was 15 years ago, and after that I never met him again. I must say here that each one of of us has an individual taste. This all is my opinion. There might be people who have liked Heeramandi more than Pakeezah.”

He added “I don’t know Sharmin. But no, I can’t relate to her statement on nothingness.”

Tajdar along with Kamal Amrohi’s daughter Rukhsar Amroh reportedly continue to run the Kamal Amrohi Studios (Kamalistan Studios).

Sharmin Segal has been trolled and criticised a lot by both critics and the audience over the lack of expressions in the series. Many people have posted clips from the show showing how strangely Segal is giving expression, smiling in awkward or tragic situations and having an off-focus look in her eyes.

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While actors have used this technique correctly to show complex emotions, the audience claimed that Sharmin’s attempts just looked wrong and ill-suited for the emotions that should have been brought forth.

In reaction to this, Sharmin in her interviews defended this, claiming that she took inspiration from Meena Kumari’s iconic role in the Pakeezah (1972) considered among the most iconic Indian films ever.

In an interview with ETimes, she said “Meena Kumari was one of my inspirations. I tried to bring Meena Kumari’s nothingness from Pakeezah into my character in Heeramandi.”

She also said, “I’ve never watched a movie like ‘Pakeezah’ and then I watched it and Meena ji, the looks she used to give in Pakeezah, looking into nothingness, which is what I tried to bring to Alamzeb’s character.”

Pakeezah seems to have been a common inspiration for the actors in Heeramandi since even Richa Chadha said that she paid tribute to Meena Kumari with her dance performance in the Netflix series.

Speaking with Pinkvilla she said “Carefully observing, learning from and taking lessons from Meena Kumari ji’s character in Pakeezah was a truly enriching and deeply transforming experience for me ahead of shooting for Heeramandi.

In the movie, Paakezah, Meena Kumari’s character has a certain tragic depth and complexity that resonated with Lajjo, the character that I play in the show. I worked on the voice and diction, while studying Meena ji’s work, to the point of imitation sometimes.”

She said further, “I felt like I was walking in the footsteps of a cinematic legend, and it was an honor to pay tribute to Meena Kumari ji through my portrayal of Lajjo.”

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