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Surviving a 15-hour drive. Here’s one college student’s secret.

Surviving Very Long Drives
Consumer Guide Car Stuff Podcast – Surviving Very Long Drives

Whether you drive a car, need a car, or just occasionally bum a ride with friends, you’’ve come to the right place. Join Jill and Tom as they break down everything that’’s going on in the auto world. New-car reviews, shopping tips, driving green, electric cars, classic cars, and plenty of great guests. This is the Consumer Guide Car Stuff Podcast.


Episode: 200

Broadcast date: January 1, 2024

Guest: Harper Appel


Jill and Tom opened the show by discussing the North American Car of the Year finalists, including the last-minute substitution of the Hyundai Kona for the Volvo EX30 in the Utility category. Listen in to find out why the switch. The hosts went on to list their favorite test vehicles of 2023, and their least favorite. There are a few surprises on the lists.

In the second segment Jill and Tom welcome Colorado State University master’s degree student Harper Appel to the show. Harper regularly makes the 1000-mile journey from Fort Collins, Colorado, to Palatine Illinois. Harper shares a few tips on surviving a 15-hour drive, and shares her picks for the best places to stop for gas and snacks. Note: The conversation includes an extended chat regarding Casey’s exclusive Mountain Dew varieties, and the chain’s self-branded snacks.

Harper joins Jill for this week’s quiz. Topic: Rolls-Royce Color or Cheese. The hosts wrapped up the podcast by chatting with Harper regarding her work at the Animal Friends Alliance shelter in Fort Collins.

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North American Car of the Year

Toyota Crown

Lincoln Navigator

Rolls-Royce colors

Animal Friends Alliance

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