A Brilliant Morning At The Stupid Car Meeting

How do you define stupid? Is it something silly, unwise, or done with a lack of judgement or common sense? After this event, I think I know.

I am not sure what I expected on a quick Instagram scroll while avoiding the mindlessness of a university lecture, however, finding this was undoubtedly not what I expected. Nevertheless, the Stupid Car Meeting, hosted by @onblackvince and @thenameisjoep, blew my expectations away. A simple premise: “Bring your stupidest car.”

This was an off-the-cuff idea, organised purely because there was nothing else happening on this particular Sunday in the Netherlands’ wintery end-of-year event lull.

Jack Major_SH2-01
Jack Major_SH2-05

After driving down the A12 motorway amidst a monotonous blur of greyscale cars, I turned off towards the carpool and into an unassuming entryway with the only hint of something happening being a single car-spotter at the lights, camera in hand. But what soon greeted me can only be likened to someone emptying a bag of Skittles onto the carpark.

Jack Major_SH2-41
Jack Major_SH2-06
Jack Major_SH2-25

The stupidity of it all was the sheer diversity in cars. Despite the carpark being small in size, it featured everything from Spykers and Suzukis to Alfas and Audis.

This, contrary to what is perhaps expected from mixing various models, allowed for discovery and learning about all sorts of cars and the stories behind them. It fostered inclusion rather than dividing opinions.

Jack Major_SH2-29
Jack Major_SH2-15

This event was a welcome departure from the meetings I have grown accustomed to, dropping all boundaries and limits that would otherwise inhibit people from engaging and attending.The friendly and open atmosphere, allowed strangers to talk cars and makes friends.

Jack Major_SH2-32

There was a place for young and old, with children, car-spotters, owners, and enthusiasts alike all converging for a collective love of impractical and irrational cars. Seeing them out in the cold winter weather made them all the more irrational, yet all the more loved and special.

Jack Major_SH2-04
Jack Major_SH2-39

While most collector car owners hide their pride and joys away throughout the winter period, there is something special about seeing a cool car drive past or park up at this time of the year.

Jack Major_SH2-40
Jack Major_SH2-42

This Stupid Car Meeting highlighted how what some might perceive as stupid can be an incredible point of connection and deliver a real experience.

Jack Major
Instagram: majorlymedia

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