5 Content Marketing Ideas for February 2024

In February 2024, content marketers can produce articles and videos about pizza, marriage, evolution, wine, and the rarest of birthdates.

Content marketing is the act of curating or creating content to acquire or engage customers. What follows are five content marketing topics your business can use in February 2024.

1. Pizza Day

Photo of a pizza on a restaurant table

Pizza Day is an opportunity for content marketers to tap into something most folks like.

February 9, 2024, is National Pizza Day in the United States. While the pseudo-holiday’s origins are unclear, pizzeria owners and pizza enthusiasts presumably don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate and enjoy a good pie.

The task for ecommerce content marketers is connecting that pizza enthusiasm to their products. While the most obvious fit is merchants selling kitchen-related items, pizza is a broad enough topic for different kinds of shops.

Here are a few examples.

  • A travel brand such as Away, which sells luggage, could publish a “Pizza Tour Guide” for major cities like New York or Chicago.
  • Party City and similar shops might publish a pizza-party-planning post.
  • Plant and seed sellers such as Woodies Garden Goods might produce a “how to plant the perfect pizza garden” article or video.

Content for National Pizza Day could include social media posts to attract shoppers. Or it could be featured in an editorial email newsletter to engage loyal subscribers.

2. World Marriage Day

Photo of a bride and groom in a wedding

Wedding Day could interest couples, wedding planners, or folks looking to improve their relationships.

World Marriage Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in February each year. In 2024, it falls on February 11. This special day is dedicated to honoring the beauty of marriage and the importance of strong, loving, and committed relationships. It’s an occasion to celebrate and reflect on the significance of marriage in our lives. 

For ecommerce content marketers, World Marriage Day provides an excellent opportunity to create content that resonates with couples, those planning to get married, and anyone interested in strengthening relationships. 

The content might include gift guides, dating ideas, book reviews, couples wellness, or wedding planning, perhaps including a subscription or product bundle offer. 

3. International Darwin Day

AI-generate image of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin is a celebrated researcher. His birthday is an opportunity for marketers interested in science and evolution.

International Darwin Day occurs annually on February 12, commemorating the birth of Charles Darwin, the famous English naturalist, biologist, and author of “On the Origin of Species.” 

Darwin Day is dedicated to promoting science, popular reason, and the contributions of Charles Darwin to our understanding of evolution and the natural world.

For an ecommerce content marketer, International Darwin Day is an opportunity to create engaging content aligning with science, evolution, and intellectual curiosity. 

Here are a few possibilities.

  • STEM toy store: “Darwin’s Discoveries: Toys Showcasing the Wonders of Evolution.”
  • Christian book shop: “Books That Challenge Evolutionary Theories.”
  • A home decor retailer: “Evolutionary Home Decor Trends for a Stylish Space.”

4. National Drink Wine Day

AI-generated image of a female holding a glass of wine

Wine is a popular and celebrated beverage worldwide. Its production is an art form.

National Drink Wine Day is observed on February 18 each year. The occasion celebrates the enjoyment of wine in various forms and flavors. It’s a fun and engaging opportunity for content marketers, particularly those in the wine and beverage industry, to connect with their audience while recognizing the importance of responsible drinking.

As with every idea on this list, content for Drink Wine Day should help, inform, or entertain customers and prospects to drive sales. Hence be sure to connect that content with the products your shop sells.

For example, a woodworking retailer could publish a tutorial for building a wine cabinet using an associated kit for sale. The tutorial article and videos demonstrate how to build a great-looking cabinet, while the kit, which can be ordered online, provides the materials and tools.

5. Leap Year Day

February 29 is an opportunity to celebrate and profile individuals born on that date.

February 29, Leap Year Day, occurs once every four years to sync calendars with Earth’s orbit around the sun. It’s a rare date and thus a special occasion for those born on that day. It’s also a good content marketing opportunity.

Ecommerce marketers can identify related celebrities, innovators, or leaders with February 29 birthdays.

An example for music stores is Gioachino Rossini — the Italian opera composer of “The Barber of Seville” and “William Tell “— who was born on Leap Year Day. A music shop could publish a Rossini profile and offer related products.

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