46 Best Teacher Valentine Gifts, as Recommended by Educators

While teachers always appreciate a card with a heartfelt message, they certainly don’t expect gifts on Valentine’s Day. Still, some of us wouldn’t want to let the holiday pass by without giving our favorite educators something extra special. For those whose love language is gift giving, here’s a roundup of our favorite teacher gifts that are sure to hit the mark when sending a valentine.

Best Teacher Valentine Gifts

Valentines don’t have to be over the top to be appreciated. Our gift list includes all the things that teachers love, from handwritten notes to homemade pencil toppers to flowers and store bought decor.

1. Personalized Card

How Sweet It Is To Be Taught By You valentine card for teacher.

A personal note on Valentine’s Day goes a long way. Write your note on a one-of-a-kind card to make it extra special.

Buy it: Valentine’s cards at Etsy

2. Gift Card in a Festive Holder

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You Valentine Gift Card Holder

Sometimes the best teacher valentines gifts are the ones that let them pick out whatever they want. Pair this adorable gift card holder with a gift card from Amazon, Target, Starbucks, or another place your teacher loves to shop. Need ideas? We asked, and here are the results for teachers’ favorite gift cards to receive.

Buy it: How Sweet It Is Gift Card Holder at Etsy

3. Candy Pop Flair Pens

Package of multi-colored Paper Mate Candy Pop flair pens, as an example of teacher valentine gift

Skipping the sugar? Get these special-edition candy-scented Flair pens instead. They’re useful, pretty, and affordable.

Buy it: Candy Pop Flair Pens at Amazon

4. Box of Really Good Chocolate

Gold box of Godiva chocolates with red ribbon

Know a chocolate-loving teacher? This is the perfect time of year to get them the goods.

Buy it: Godiva Chocolatier Valentine’s Day Box at Amazon

5. Handmade Leather Heart Bookmark

Valentine's Day heart-shaped bookmark, as an example of valentines for teachers

Just about any teacher would appreciate this adorable heart-shaped leather bookmark. It comes in a variety of colors, and you can even personalize it with your teacher’s initials in gold or silver foil.

Buy it: Leather Heart Bookmark at Etsy

6. Teacher Heart Tumbler

Tumbler on teacher desk that says It Takes a Big Heart to Shape Little Minds, as an example of teacher valentine gifts

This adorable heart tumbler will keep your teacher’s favorite beverage hot or cold during busy mornings in the classroom.

Buy it: Teacher Heart Tumbler at Amazon

7. Everlasting Roses

Four pink Beaulasting Roses in a black gift box

Sure, you can always pick up a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store, but it only lasts a few days. Instead, try these eternity roses that decorate a teacher’s classroom forever. Bonus: No watering required!

Buy it: Beaulasting Roses at Amazon

8. Heartfelt Picture Book

Collage of Valentine's Day Books for Kids
We Are Teachers; Amazon

Educators always love adding new books to their classroom libraries. Inscribe a personalized message on the inside cover for a special Valentine’s Day gift for teachers.

Buy it: Best Valentine’s Day Books for Teachers

9. Fuzzy Socks

Six pairs of fuzzy heart socks with a note and glasses on a rug, as an example of teacher valentine gift.

Valentine’s Day is all about the warm fuzzies, and these heart-shaped fuzzy socks are the perfect gift for teachers. They’ll help them relax at home after the chaos of a sugar-filled holiday party day at school.

Buy it: Heart-Shaped Fuzzy Socks at Amazon

10. Teach from the Heart T-shirt

Pink Valentine's Day t-shirt that says Teaching Is a Work of Heart along with a pair of leopard print sneakers.

Cute teacher T-shirts with a subtle nod to Valentine’s Day can be worn all year long!

Buy it: Teaching Is a Work of Heart T-Shirt at Amazon

11. A Journal They will Love

heart journal  for a valentine's day gift idea

A journal, like this one from Kate Spade, is great for lesson planning or journaling.

Buy it: Heart journal at Amazon

12. Soap.

heart soaps in pink red and white for a teacher gift

Teachers love soap. That is all.

Buy it: Heart soap at Amazon

13. “Love Juice”

Love juice gift idea for teachers
Tater Tots and Jello

These teacher valentine gifts are simple and affordable enough to a large group. Package a bottle of water and pink lemonade or fruit punch mix with a cute tag.

Get tutorial: Love juice at Tater Tots and Jello

14. S’mores Mason Jar

mason jar with s'mores ingredients for a valentines day teacher gift
A Night Owl Blog

Graham crackers, marsmallows, and chocolate in a cute mason jar (that can become a pencil holder). So cute!

Get tutorial: Smores gift at A Night Owl Blog

15. Edible Tackle Box

Edible tackle box with different kinds of candy in it
Staying Close to Home

If you have a teacher who loves to fish, fill a box with different types of candy for an edible tackle box.

Get tutorial: Edible tackle box at Staying Close to Home

16. Valentine’s Popcorn Mix

popcorn mix for valentine's day teachers gift idea
Staying Close to Home

Popcorn, candy hearts, sprinkles, and other yummy salty-and-sweet combinations make a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Get recipe: Popcorn Mix recipe at Staying Close to Home

17. A Sweet Succulent

Succulent plants with a valentine note on them
Yesterday on Tuesday

A plant with a nice note is the gift that keeps on growing.

Buy it: Succulent plants at Amazon

Get printable: printable label at Yesterday on Tuesday

18. Thumbprint Bookmark

thumbprint book mark idea for valentines day gift for teachers
Artsy Craftsy Mom

Turn thumbprints into hearts on a Valentine’s bookmark.

Get tutorial: Heart Bookmarks at Artsy Craftsy Mom

19. White Chocolate Bark Candy

candy made from white chocolate and chocolate candies
Where Imagination Grows

We would love to see homemade white chocolate Valentine’s Day candy bark come across our desk.

Get recipe: White Choclate Candy Bark recipe at Where Imagination Grows

20. “You’re Write for Me” Pencil Holder

mason jar pencil holder for teachers valentine's day gift
Let’s DIY it All

A mason jar becomes a pencil holder that reads “You’re just write for me.”

Buy it: Mason jars at Amazon

Get tutorial: Valentine Pencil Holder at Let’s DIY it All

21. Coffee Card

a latte love gift card holder for valentine's day gift idea

A coffee gift card in a cute holder that expresses how much you love your teacher—perfect!

Buy it: Coffee Gift Card Holder at Amazon

22. Decorative Pillows

heart pillows for valentine's day

Silly Valentine’s Day pillows to add to the reading corner, or teacher’s chair.

Buy it: Decorative pillows at Amazon

23. Wax Warmer

valentine's day wax warmer

Another way to make a classroom smell, well, way better than sweaty students after recess.

Buy it: Wax warmer at Amazon

24. Valentine’s Day Earrings

heart earrings for a valentine's day gift for teachers

We all know a teacher who would wear these earrings every Valentine’s Day.

Buy it: Heart earrings at Amazon

25. Flowers

bouquet of flowers

A flower bouquet is always appreciated.

Buy it: Bouquet at 1-800-flowers.com

26. Teaching Sweethearts Sweatshirt

shirt with the phrase teaching sweethearts on it

This shirt is super cute and warm, a perfect winter holiday gift.

Buy it: Teaching Sweethearts shirt at Etsy

27. Heart Blanket

heart throw blanket

A throw blanket is a wonderful way to show your teacher you appreciate them, and want them to be comfortable.

Buy it: Heart blanket at Etsy

28. Hand Sanitizer

valentine's day hand sanitizer tag

A sweet smelling bottle of hand sanitizer and a nice note go a long way on Valentine’s Day.

Buy it: Hand sanitizer tag at Etsy

29. Teacher Ingredients Mug

mug that has a design of hearts and the ingredients for a teacher

This mug has it all—cute sayings, bright decorations, a list of the ingredients that go into a teacher. Pair it with hot chocolate or coffee for a perfect valentine.

Buy it: Teacher ingredients mug at Etsy

30. Heart Bracelet

bracelet that says it takes a big heart to shape little minds

This simple bracelet communicates a message for every teacher.

Buy it: Teacher wish bracelet at Etsy

31. Stuck On You Glue Stick

glue stick with stuck on you card to go with it for a valentine's day gift

We admit we would appreciate some new glue sticks right around February.

Buy it: Valentine glue stick note printable at Etsy

32. Valentine’s Crossword Book

book of valentine crossword puzzles

A crossword puzzle is a creative way to give the gift of down-time.

Buy it: Valentine’s Day crossword puzzle book at Amazon

33. Heart Wind Spinner

heart wind spinner for a valentine's teacher gift idea

A heart wind spinner, like this one, would look beautiful outside a classroom or kitchen window.

Buy it: Wind spinner at Amazon

34. Heart Suncatcher

heart sun catcher for valentine's day teacher gift

This sun catcher is another great option for a sunny classroom window.

Buy it: Valentine suncatcher at Amazon

35. Valentine Cookie Cutter

valentine's day cookie cutters

For teachers who love to bake, a fun cookie cutter (pair it with cookie dough ingredients) is a sweet treat.

Buy it: Valentine cookie cutter at Etsy

36. Bulletin Board Set

valentine's day bulletin board set

Especially for teachers who do not like to decorate each month, having a go-to bulletin board set is a gift!

Buy it: Valentine’s Day bulletin board at Amazon

37. Window Clings

Window clings

Just like a good bulletin board set, Valentine’s Day window clings help make a classroom festive and fun.

Buy it: Window clings at Wal-mart

38. Valentine Stickers

valentine stickers for a teachers gift idea

Even teachers of older students (teenagers love stickers too) will appreciate stickers they can pass out during February.

Buy it: Valentine stickers at Amazon

39. Heart-Shaped Pencil Topper

heart shaped pencil topper made from pipe cleaners
Best Ideas for Kids

Red, white, and pink pipe cleaners are all you need for these DIY teacher valentine gifts.

Buy it: pipe cleaners at Amazon

Get tutorial: heart shaped pencil topper at Best Ideas for Kids

40. Heart Paper Clips

heart paper clips

Another awesome school supply that needs re-stocking mid-year, these paper clips make organizing papers even sweeter.

Buy it: Heart paper clips at Amazon

41. Heart Tea Towel

tea towel decorated with heart stamps and a cup of tea
Clumsy Crafter/Tea towel via Clumsycrafter.com

A potato heart stamp, red paint, and a white tea towel are all you need to stamp out tea towels for all the teachers you know.

Get tutorial: Heart Tea Towel at Clumsy Crafter

42. Heart Magnets

pink magnets for a valentine's day teacher gift idea

We love these pink glitter magnets, they add a bit of Valentine spirit to a magnetic filing cabinet or whiteboard.

Buy it: Pink glitter magnets at Amazon

43. Homemade Suncatchers

homemade suncatchers
Toddler Approved/Suncatchers via Toddlerapproved.com

Sometimes the best valentines are simple, like these homemade suncatchers.

Get tutorial: Spin Art Heart at Toddler Approved

44. Heart Wreath

heart wreath for a valentine's day gift idea

Another decoration that can really make a classroom or home more welcoming in February, a heart wreath. This one would look great on a classroom door from kindergarten through high school.

Buy it: Valentine wreath at Amazon

45. Doughnuts

valentine's day doughnuts
Bloom Designs Online

Whether it’s a dozen for the staff room, or a mini-stack of doughnuts just for us, we won’t say no to Valentine’s Day doughnuts.

Get tutorial: Valentine Doughnuts at Bloom Designs Online

46. Nacho Average Valentine

nacho average valentine pack with chips and salsa
Yesterday on Tuesday

A nacho gift, with chips, cheese and salsa would be a welcome surprise after a day of candy.

Get tutorial: Nacho valentine at Yesterday on Tuesday

If you liked these Teacher valentine gifts, check out our roundup of the Best Valentines for Students (That Skip the Sugar).

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