27 Best Curly Hair Products – From Shampoos And Masks To Hair Towels

Her top tip is to opt for products that perform and styles that provide low manipulation throughout your week. “Aim to touch your scalp weekly or bi-weekly to massage and circulate blood flow. All living things need movement to thrive and so does your scalp.” She adds.

Then consider talking to your hairstylist about cutting in some tactical layers to intensify the shape and boost volume at the roots.

Curly girls are more prone to dry and dehydrated strands since it’s more difficult for the natural oils produced by the scalp to make it all the way down and around curls, from the root to the tip. Regular masking makes a huge difference. Do it as often as you need (but weekly is a good starting point).

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And, when deciding on the best curly hair products like shampoos, leave-in-conditioners, and styling gels and masks, pay attention to what your hair needs and responds to – is it dehydrated and needs moisture? Or is it damaged and needs keratin and proteins? Or perhaps both? Keep an eye on ingredients like sulphates. They do a mega job of deep-cleaning, but the trade-off is that they can be super stripping and, if your hair doesn’t get very oily or greasy, it could be more cleansing action than your delicate curls need.

As for tips, GLAMOUR’s Beauty Writer, Shei Mamona, recommends brushing your hair while still in the shower or bath to gently detangle it. “For looser curls split your hair into four (or six, if your hair is super thick) sections, or for tighter curls, maybe six,” she advises. “I like to braid those sections while I apply conditioner as it helps to soak it all up. And to insulate it, I’d recommend a shower cap or cling film.” Another of Shei’s top tips? “Do it while you’re in the bath, that way you can sit back and relax while your hair marinates in hydration and conditioning galore.”

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