15 Best Canva Templates for Instagram (Free and Paid)

The best Canva templates for Instagram can help you reach segments of your audience you never thought you could before.

As the power of social media continues to dominate how marketing strategies look in the business landscape, Instagram remains a critical medium in enabling brands and solo entrepreneurs to advertise their offerings and communicate with their markets. 

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As such, it should come as no surprise that Instagram templates from several digital resources are emerging left and right.

Canva, one of the most commercial graphic design platforms, is a solid example of what professionals turn to for basic design needs.

Composed of both free and paid templates (see the best Canva templates here), the Australian-run company has empowered millions of users to become designers in their own right.

That factored in, let’s take a look at the best Canva templates for Instagram creatives to make use of!

Also see our features on the best Canva fonts, and Canva fonts that go well together for stunning Canva font combinations.

15+ Best Canva Post Templates For Instagram

Urban Style Instagram Template

Urban Style Instagram Template

Urban Style Instagram Template is designed with younger audiences in mind. Sporting trippy lines and fun-looking grids, this aesthetic is designed to appeal to both product-centric brands and fashion-themed companies. This template is perfect for brands that are looking for a cutting edge feel to their instagram post.


Modern Furniture Instagram Template

modern furniture instagram post template

The name of this product says it all: Modern Furniture Instagram Template is suitable for, well, furniture brands! Still, its moody aesthetic also makes it a terrific choice for e-commerce-driven brands.

Whatever it is you’re selling, this template will help you deliver. With customizable images and easy-to-read fonts and spacing, add luxury to your image branding with this wonderful design.


Branding Agency Instagram Post

Best Canva Templates For InstagramShould anyone be shocked that this Canva Instagram template is one of the first on our list? Perfect for experienced agency owners, this pro-exclusive template is perfect for entrepreneurs who run marketing and advertising companies.

Packed with just enough elements to showcase crucial details and ample space for your brand’s personality, there’s a lot to love with Branding Agency Instagram Post


Dark Minimalist Instagram Template

Dark Minimalist Instagram Template

If you’re looking for clean lines and enough space for a brand hashtag and a witty quote, then Dark Minimalist Instagram Template is the best option.

Professional and straightforward, this pick is one of the more versatile options on the list. You can use this template for personal quotes and branding or a professional-style post. 


Bright Modern Gradient Fashion Instagram Template

Bright Modern Gradient Fashion Instagram Template

What makes Bright Modern Gradient Fashion Instagram Template such a natural standout is its capacity to highlight—front and center—whatever you need to promote.

Obviously made for fashion-centric brands, this pick will easily highlight advocacy-driven organizations and other similar marketing pieces too. Its modern and luxurious aesthetic is also ideal for any avant garde-centric company.


Modern Basketball Player Instagram Template

Modern Basketball Player Instagram Post

Are you looking for a sports-specific option? Modern Basketball Player Instagram Template is a great choice. The text behind the subject allows your offerings to stand out, making it easier for you to sell whatever you need to. From athletes to products, this Canva choice is an easy favorite. 


Modern Marketing Webinar Instagram Template

Modern Marketing Webinar Instagram Post Template

It’s never been easier to advertise digital events until today! That’s because picks like Modern Marketing Webinar Instagram Template make it a lot simpler for opinion leaders and creative visionaries to broadcast internet talks and gatherings. Whether a casual event or a ticketed conference, this pro-exclusive Canva product will help you champion what you need to. 


 Sale Instagram Post Template

Modern New Arrival Shoes Sale Instagram Post Template

Running a sale real soon? Optimize Canva’s Sale Instagram Post Template. Perfect for generally any product up for grabs, this pick will help you engage with your followers more organically and creatively. 


Food menu Instagram Template

Show your followers what’s new on your menu with the Food menu Instagram Template! Clean, simple, and direct to the point, this tasty-looking Canva favorite is free for anyone to use. 


Aesthetic Curve Instagram Template

instagram post template aesthetic style, curve text

Another Gen Z-targeted pick on the list is Aesthetic Curve Instagram Template. Sophisticated, light on the eyes, and breezy, the curved text on a subject is easily appealing and instantly captivating. From fun quotes to sale updates, there’s a lot you can create with this one. 


E-commerce Product Instagram Template

Black Minimalist Headphone Promotion Instagram Post

Another product-centric pick on the list is E-commerce Product Instagram Template. Suitable for entrepreneurs with a variety of items to sell, this pro-exclusive Canva offering is easy to edit and is light on the eyes.  


Podcast Promotion Instagram Template

Music Podcast Promotion Instagram Post Template

Nowadays, everyone’s voice matters. If you have things you’d like to share and shed light on, Canva’s Podcast Promotion Instagram Template should make it easy for you to inform your followers what your podcast episodes are about. 


Rainbow Pride LGBTQ Instagram Template

Rainbow Pride LGBTQ Instagram Template

There’s a lot of progress in the LGBTQ space and the Rainbow Pride LGBTQ Instagram Template allows both members and allies to reach larger audiences and articulate advocacies. If you’re looking to expand a safe community to your followers, this free Canva template is a good option. 


Modern Breaking News Instagram Template

Modern Breaking News Instagram Template

What makes Modern Breaking News Instagram Template an easy standout among its contemporaries is its ability to help animate what news you want to break to your followers. Easy to edit and innately captivating, this pick allows any creative to think outside the box and communicate to both prospects and patrons cleverly. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Canva templates for Instagram?

Canva templates for Instagram are pre-designed layouts and graphics created specifically for Instagram posts, stories, and other content. They provide a convenient and stylish starting point for designing engaging and visually appealing Instagram content.

Where can I find the best Canva templates for Instagram?

You can find a wide variety of Canva templates for Instagram on Canva’s official website. Additionally, many designers and marketplaces offer premium and free templates for Instagram on platforms like Creative Market, Etsy, and Envato Elements.

Are there templates for different types of Instagram content?

Yes, there are Canva templates available for various types of Instagram content, including posts, stories, carousel posts, IGTV covers, highlights covers, and more. You can choose templates that suit your specific content needs.


More Canva Resources

15 Best Canva Templates For Instagram

All in all, there is no shortage of Canva Instagram templates, and there’s a whole lot more on the platform anyone can use. Whatever organization you run or brand you manage, rest confident that there’s a template that’s bound to resonate with your audience. While there is no replacing professional graphic illustrators and creative visionaries, it’s reassuring to know that platforms like Canva allow us to be our own version of a competent designer.

So go choose that perfect template and get designing!

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